How I Survived A Music Conference

In the mid-nineties I went to a career counselor. I had graduated from college and was at a real loss as to what to do next. She gave me a few personality tests including the Meyers Briggs.  I was an INFP. A few weeks ago I retook the test online and was an INFJ.  I thought that was pretty cool. “Wow, almost nobody is an INFJ, that’s amazing! That’s why nobody understands me!” What a relief.

I say all this to tell you about the Far-West Conference I went to this weekend and my experience of it. I did a count and over the years have only gone to about 8 conferences. I’ve always come away exhausted. I used to think there was something wrong with me but now I know that I’m really just an introverted person. Lately I’ve seen things about Introverts everywhere. I read a lot of books about it from the library. There’s a good Ted Talk about it. Anyway, so introversion is a hot topic now. I guess that makes me hot.

Introverts need a lot of alone time, and I know I do. Spending time talking to people and networking takes away energy from introverts. So I went to the conference the first night and it was fine. Then the next day the conference started at 9am. Waaaayyy too early for anyone I think, especially musicians. But I was determined to make it happen. Okay, then it got to dinner time and I was exhausted so I went home. Then I came back that night to check out the guerrilla showcases. Lots of musicians singing in hotel rooms. I’d been told over the years that I really should go to this conference, and that the best part is the guerrilla showcases. Okay, I did it!

I got home about 3 in the morning. I figured I’d go later in the day on Saturday but I never made it. I was beat. I decided to stay home. I felt kind of guilty but I chanted about it (because I’m an SGI Buddhist, and chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo brings out your buddha nature, and that’s what I do…) and felt better.

When I started thinking about it and writing stuff down I realized I’d covered a lot in the one day and two nights I was there. Here are a few notes:

Video: I need some live action video on my website and youtube channel.

Radio: Nothing’s changed. Community radio is not the place to sell CD’s. Use it to promote shows. Can use an old release. Does not have to be latest and greatest like on commercial radio on which a new CD has only a 12 week cycle.

I was reminded about the Bottom Line. The Bottom Line is: How many people can you bring?

I’ll say it again: How many people can you bring?

That’s the Bottom Line. Also the Top Line. That’s the whole point. I mean it is show business after all.

So I survived!

And today I found out I won third place in a drawing. My prize is a free creative clarity consultation from Patricia Morrison, one of the people at the conference. It feels good to win!

In the future I’ll try to follow my instinct more because it worked out pretty good this time.

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