When Is Good Enough Good Enough?

I just ordered some new business cards because I’m going to a music conference. I made my last batch a few years ago and over that time I grew to hate them and felt embarrassed handing them out. It didn’t help that I ordered 500, which represents a ton of networking.

I continued to give them out because I didn’t want to waste money (the guilt of wasting them was stronger than the hate of using them). I recently did a purge of my desk and decide it was time to finally get new cards (I kept about 50 after the purge). Hopefully they’ll arrive in time for the conference. I ordered 250. If they don’t show up I’ll pass out my 50 less than perfect cards, and if all else fails, I’ll just give them a CD (thankfully the contact info is the same).

So the lesson learned here is don’t order too many business cards because I might need to change them, or end up hating them so much I don’t want to hand them out. Maybe it’s best to adopt a pay as I go mentality? I know I have perfectionist tendencies. In this case maybe good enough really is good enough.


My New Business Card!!!
My New Business Card!!! (Please excuse the funky scan…)

Oh wait—my new business cards came today, and I like them! (Ask me how I feel in a few months…)

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