pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-wallpaper-2I never got into file sharing or pirating. I got my first state of the art computer in 1999. A blue Mac G3 tower. I had dial up. I went to a site and clicked on a song, I think it was a Pink Floyd song so it was probably pretty long, and it took like 3 hours to download. I kept getting phone calls that knocked me offline. I thought, ‘this is ridiculous’, so I didn’t do it again.

There was a lot of press at the time. Metallica was suing Napster. The whole world was going crazy about it.

Maxell adBut I kind of tuned it out. I came up in the 80s when copying music on cassette was going to spell the end. The end of what I didn’t know, but it was going to end and it was going to end bad. But it didn’t end. I made a few mix tapes. I copied a few records. They put a tax on blank tapes for the record industry. Problem solved I guess.

Then CDs. Who the hell was copying CDs in 1990? No one I knew. But then things changed in the late-nineties. I had an external CD burner because I was putting together a home recording studio. Yes, I burned a few CDs. I think I was more enamored with the technology and the fact that I could do it than for the actual music because I hardly ever listened to those burned CDs. I got my next mac in 2008 and put everything into itunes and I still didn’t listen to that stuff so I deleted it and recycled those CDs when I did a purge a few years ago.

undersea pirate shipBut all those billions of dollars worth of files that all those people shared and all those pirates pirated — what happened to all of that music?

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